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“We want to provide fun for everyone. Our aim is to hear our guests laughing and enjoying themselves. Our adventure golf course is what mainly helps us achieve this aim. To raise our standards and meet customers’ needs, we also sell ice cream and hamburgers. The combination of golf, ice cream and food is very good because these services all boost each others’ sales. We’re located on a popular public walking route beside a well-frequented beach. This means we have guests from morning to late evening. Our business isn’t particularly weather-sensitive; in sunny weather people bathe and eat ice cream, while golf sales boom when it’s cloudy,” says Sanna Sjöberg, part-owner of Ribban Green Golf in Malmö, Sweden.

Ribban Green Golf was built in spring 2009. It is a 12-hole adventure golf facility with a nature theme and water. The facility is located 50 metres from the football player Zlatan Ibrahimovitz’s house in Malmö. The course attracted 10,000 players even in its first season. A game of golf costs EUR 6 for adults and EUR 4 for children.

The last hole is a Lucky Hole where players can win attractive prizes.

“I think the Lucky Hole has a positive effect. It’s nice that it’s located next to the booth, which allows us to chat to customers,” says Sanna.


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