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Theme Jungle

A crocodile is peeking out of the reeds, palm trees sway in the wind, and suddenly you realise that a gorilla is watching you from a tree house. You tip-toe into a cave to put the ball into the cup, only to realise that you are not alone. Two large snakes, as thick as your arm, have taken up residence. You run outside, only to find yourself eye to eye with a huge elephant. This was all far too exciting – time to relax over an ice cream from the jungle kiosk.

This is an example of what can happen on a typical day at the Jungle Golf Course at Südsee Camp, Germany. This beautiful and exciting Adventure Golf course was built in 2010. Palm trees, waterways with fountains, rocks and walking paths create an inviting landscape. The golf holes are connected by wooden and stone bridges, and one hole is only accessible by a rope raft floating on pontoons.

Südsee Camp is a very special 5-star campsite with countless activities and facilities including several restaurants, bars and shops. It has something for people of all ages.


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